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Threat Assessment Mobile Defense Platform™ We make public places SAFER!

Certifying schools, retail stores, restaurants and all public buildings or spaces against threats with an interactive mobile defense platform linked directly to first responders.
Skypath We Make Public Places Safer
Skypath Threat Assessments

Threat Assessments

With the Skypath Mobile Defense Platform™ School Administrators, business owners or managers and landlords can easily upload blueprints or schematics directly to Skypath’s Threat Assessment Team. (TAT) 

Blueprints or schematics can also be easily created by taking 3D or panoramic photos.


Threat Assessment Officers

Skypath’s Threat Assessment Officers are highly trained former law enforcement, military and homeland security professionals.

Your facility will be assigned to a Skypath Threat Assessment officer for review, assessment and recommendations.

Skypath’s Threat assessment officers will provide you with a check list to improve safety for patrons and first responders. Once that check list is complete your facility will be issued its Threat Certified Certificate and window sticker and then share that information with first responders.

Skypath Threat Assessment Officers

Store, View & Make Live Updates

View and Markup 2D, BIM, and 360 files, drawings, and photos on YOUR facility using any mobile device – whether ONLINE or OFFLINE. 

First Responders will have the most up to date blueprints and / or schematic when responding to an active event.

Skypath Access to Critical Information

Access to Critical Information

• First Responders will be able to identify critical points of egress, elevations, points of cover and concealment.

• First Responders will have access to live and up to date blueprints and/or schematics ON SCENE.

• First Responder will be able to make safer entries and safer and more efficient rescues and apprehensions.


Response Time is Crucial

During an active threat or event seconds count and the more efficient, organized and decisive first responders can be arriving to the situation, the quicker the threat can be neutralized.
Skypath Response Time Is Crucial
Skypath Active Shooter Event

Active Shooter Event

Our law enforcement experts can attest that no one to date has been shot in a locked classroom!

During an active shooter event teachers, administrators or employees can lock their room, take cover and use the Skypath Mobile Defense App™ on their phone to mark their room occupied and the number of occupants.

First Responders can use their mobile device PRIOR to making entry to locate current occupants in danger and safely extract them first before a tedious room to room search for individual occupants.




• Keeping the public out of harms way is an important goal in our society.

• Authorities prefer advanced knowledge during any active event in order to avoid a dangerous situation that can involve innocent bystanders.

• This crucial information can be used to stop a shooter with the help of the Skypath Mobile Defense Platform™.

• This will save lives, reduce the number of victims, safeguard our first responders, provide a deterrent and bring to justice the perpetrators of these horrific tragedies.

Skypath Mobile Defense Platform

Skypath Mobile Defense Platform

School Shootings 1999 - 2018

School Shootings 1999 - 2018

School Shootings 1999 - 2018

Possible Applications

Skypath Mobile Defense Platform
● Schools and College Campuses
● Churches – Temples - Synagogues
● State, City and Federal Government Building
● Hotels
● Restaurants
● Night Clubs
● Small Independent Retailers
● National Retail Chains
● Strip Malls
● Large Commercial Buildings
● Skyscrapers
● Banks and Credit Unions
● Sports Stadiums and Concert Venues


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