Workplace violence, threat and hazard insurance

In today’s world threats come from many sources and in the case of attacks by armed assailants they can be incredibly difficult to defend against.

As the frequency and mode of terror attacks change there is a growing expectation that businesses do more to protect employees and customers.

Although shootings make the headlines, we have also seen the devastation can be wrought by knives and road vehicles.

We are now seeing some States in the USA passing legislation requiring public schools to implement a mobile panic alert system in the event of an attack.

We are working with our US direct broker partner Arcana Insurance Solutions Inc.

Malicious Attack Liability insurance

No matter the motivation or arsenal of an attacker, business and institutions can be held liable for any harm that comes to their employees or customers. Malicious attack liability offers guaranteed primary protection should businesses face legal action as a direct result of a malicious attack. Despite the unpredictability of such events, organizations have a duty of care and can be found liable for a myriad of reasons, as well as faced with crippling defense costs for potential claims. A malicious attack liability policy will respond for defense costs and damages, providing clients the coverage they require.

Primary cover for peace of mind

Where general liability (GL) policies are silent and can refuse coverage, malicious attack liability is explicitly clear on coverage, providing businesses with peace of mind that their defense costs are protected, and damages resulting from legal action covered.

Personalized protection

Every business is unique, so coverage needs to be as well. Whether protection is needed for loss of attraction, crisis management, counseling or medical costs, this product is modular and can be personalized to a range of requirements (subject to the terms and conditions of the policy).

Key features and benefits
  • Primary coverage and clarity of wording.
  • Access to crisis management services.
  • Counseling costs.
  • Modular coverage; can be sold on its own or with other products.
  • Wide range of coverages available.
  • Extended coverage property damage business interruption.
  • Low deductibles. Policy limit.
  • Claims handling mirrors underwriting philosophy.
  • Fast underwriting response.
  • Lloyd’s security.
  • Where GL policies are often silent, the Malicious Attack Liability is explicitly clear on coverage.
  • Expert handling of crisis communications and media relations to protect a client’s brand and reputation.
  • Costs to provide affected persons with psychiatric and therapeutic treatment in the aftermath of an attack.
  • The right fit for any size of business and can grow alongside changing needs.
  • Coverage provided includes business interruption, property damage, physical damage, income loss and medical expenses.
  • Option to extend coverages to a comprehensive basis to include resulting property damage and business interruption.
  • Where GL policies may have large deductibles, we can quote with low deductibles to suit clients’ requirements.
  • $25,000,000 but up to $100,000,000 upon request.
  • Clients will be dealt with by decision-makers to ensure claims can be paid promptly and efficiently.
  • Exceptional service for both brokers and clients.
  • Clients benefit from the security of Lloyd’s high-quality A+ financial rating (S&P) as well as its Central Fund.
The malicious attack policy is underwritten by Hiscox London Market.

Educational establishments along with businesses, such as retail and entertainment venues, are likely targets but others such as religious institutions and healthcare facilities are not immune.

The reasons are quite straightforward. These establishments can be hard to secure and the high volume of people present each day increases the chances of an armed individual entering unchallenged and wreaking a high level of damage in a short space of time.


Skypath Seurity ™

Crucial to all organizations at risk of such an event are the actions they can take to reduce the risk of an event happening in the first place while putting in place arrangements to help institutions respond as effectively as possible should one occur.

We are working with Skypath Security. Skypath Security and their Skypath Mobile Defense Platform™ work to make public spaces safer.

Skypath certify schools, retail stores, restaurants and all public buildings or spaces against threats with an interactive mobile defense platform linked directly to first responders.

How does Skypath work?

With the Skypath Mobile Defense Platform™ school administrators, business owners or managers and landlords can easily upload blueprints or schematics directly to Skypath’s Threat Assessment Team.

In the event of an active shooter event it provides the following crucial services for teachers, administrators or employees and first responders:

Ability to notify Control Risks and Ed contemporaneous with first responder using the mobile app and/or panic button.

First responders will have access to live and up to date blueprints and/or schematics ON SCENE.

First responders will be able to identify critical points of egress, elevations, points of cover and concealment.

Teachers, administrators or employees use Skypath Mobile Defense App™ on their phone so first responders can pinpoint their location.

More about Skypath
  • The Skypath Mobile Defense Platform™ has been vetted and endorsed by top law enforcement officials of the Rhode Island State Police.
  • The Skypath Mobile Defense Platform™ seeks to reduce injury and mortalities.
  • Enables rapid response post crisis to assist the victims and their families.
  • The entire program mitigates insureds economic exposure
Unique relationship with Control Risks

We retain the expertise and response services of global risk consultancy, Control Risks. Not only does Control Risks advise on the security situation where our clients’ interests are located, but are also able to provide clients with pre- and post-incident response services

Mobile Defense Platform™

Certifying schools, retail stores, restaurants and all public buildings or spaces against threats with an interactive mobile defense platform linked directly to first responders.

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Intelligent Weapon Safety & Security

Utilizing the simple & easy data capturing features of RFID technology will prevent the unlawful entrance of a firearm to a restricted area or facility.

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